Why does feedback hurt sometimes?

The Thesis Whisperer

This letter was written by an experienced academic at ANU to her PhD student, who had just presented his research to a review panel and was still licking her wounds.

The student sent it to me and I thought it was a great response I asked the academic in question, and the student who received it, if I could publish it. I wish all of us could have such nuanced and thoughtfu feedback during the PhD. I hope you enjoy it.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 7.27.05 PMA letter to…My PhD student after her upgradeWell you did it. You got your upgrade. But from the look on your face I could tell you thought it was a hollow victory. The professors did their job and put the boot in. I remember seeing that look in the mirror after my own viva. Why does a win in academia always have the sting of defeat?

Yeah, it’s a…

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你记忆里的 是哪一个我












Do not forget your name 不要忘了你的名字

Inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s movie ‘Spirited Away’.

A bit like a fairy tale and also a bit like a fable, I feel that there are many metaphors in Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away.

Among all the metaphors, I found one of them is the hardest to understand: “Don’t forget your name!” White warned Chihiro when Chihiro just joined and started to work in Mother Tang‘s Bathhouse. Whoever will forget his/her own name? I cannot understand this until I graduated from college and started to work in a company.

I realize that one staff in a big organization will easily forget his/her name. Because the staff handles his/her part of work on behalf of a project group or the leader of the group, and finally in the name of the company. In a big company like this, the personal significance is minimal. Everyone is doing a part of the whole job in the name of the company. Therefore, the NAME of individuals will gradually be forgotten by them, after not a very long period of time.  

And Chihiro’s parents eat too much without any effort put in, so they became pigs waiting to be cooked into hamburger. It sounds familiar isn’t it?

And the faceless man, I think he is like a trap generated due to too much of desires. When you have too many desires for money, for example, he will eat you.

A freelancer artist will never forget his/her name, The name is always signed with his/her work.

有点像童话 又有点像寓言,我觉得宫崎骏的千与千寻里面有很多模糊的隐喻。







Very innocent character: An Extraterrestrial Girl. Also inspired by Chihiro in Spirited Away.
Very innocent character:
An Extraterrestrial Girl. Also inspired by Chihiro in Spirited Away.


Live alone on the moon 独自住在月球上

I am still trying with different styles of painting. Hope you like it!

The color scheme is from Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night. 

I’m playing with a jigsaw puzzle of Starry Night. It is super difficult, and the only clue is the color.


这幅画的颜色搭配是文森特 梵高那幅《星空》。因为最近在玩《星空》的拼图,超级难,笔触在小小的拼图块上根本无法辨认,只有靠颜色才拼起1/3。

Live in a red tent on the moon all alone. Is it far away enough to prove that I don't want to have you, I just want to love you?
Live in a red tent on the moon all alone. Is it far away enough to prove that I don’t want to have you, I just want to love you?


If you have to give up everything to love somebody/Sth, do you still love him/her/it?
This is the draft. I drew it on a whiteboard with black marker. I kind of like to draw on the whiteboard, because the marker will wipe off some previous strokes.



“If you have to give up everything to love somebody/something, will you still love him/her/it?” –script on the draft.







草稿本,把一些画得太丑得涂掉了,希望以后可以把整张纸很有自信地上传。 本子是pageone的,颜色质感都很好了,但还是想试用传说中的moleskin呀。。