Do not forget your name 不要忘了你的名字

Inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s movie ‘Spirited Away’.

A bit like a fairy tale and also a bit like a fable, I feel that there are many metaphors in Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away.

Among all the metaphors, I found one of them is the hardest to understand: “Don’t forget your name!” White warned Chihiro when Chihiro just joined and started to work in Mother Tang‘s Bathhouse. Whoever will forget his/her own name? I cannot understand this until I graduated from college and started to work in a company.

I realize that one staff in a big organization will easily forget his/her name. Because the staff handles his/her part of work on behalf of a project group or the leader of the group, and finally in the name of the company. In a big company like this, the personal significance is minimal. Everyone is doing a part of the whole job in the name of the company. Therefore, the NAME of individuals will gradually be forgotten by them, after not a very long period of time.  

And Chihiro’s parents eat too much without any effort put in, so they became pigs waiting to be cooked into hamburger. It sounds familiar isn’t it?

And the faceless man, I think he is like a trap generated due to too much of desires. When you have too many desires for money, for example, he will eat you.

A freelancer artist will never forget his/her name, The name is always signed with his/her work.

有点像童话 又有点像寓言,我觉得宫崎骏的千与千寻里面有很多模糊的隐喻。







Very innocent character: An Extraterrestrial Girl. Also inspired by Chihiro in Spirited Away.
Very innocent character:
An Extraterrestrial Girl. Also inspired by Chihiro in Spirited Away.