Take It Easy Monday Blue

我不记得这是什么时候写的,是不是我写的,在draft里面我就随手点了post immediately。


There are many blue colors, Alice blue, cornflower blue and Monday blue.

Sometimes, I found very difficult to communicate with people. Isn’t it told that good employee should try to argue less and work more? I am trying, but for many times, I wish I could have printed out an electrocardiogram to show you all how I was feeling.

I’m feeling very okay, so please take it easy.

Though you have offered a job to someone that is just as good as me, then blame the delay of every subcontractor on me. Am I furious about any decision whoever has made which is unfair to me? Am I arguing that the vendor and subcontractors who are giving up on your project are your old friend’s old friend? Yes, it is your project, not mine. I have tried my best to keep my part making progress, but what did you do with this? Any helping hand or valuable suggestions from you?

That’s why, I won’t say any congratulations to the one who took the job and asked me to be cool, told me that I shouldn’t compare myself with him in the first place. He is elder, with higher degrees, and more experienced. And he is a “he”, take that as another advantage. I graduated two years ago from a way better university than his, and speak better English, and dare to take the responsibility and work as a man though I am a girl.

I won’t say congratulations not because I am jealous of the opportunity. The reason is that I don’t think it will be a blessing thing to work with a boss like this. All the best, that’s all I manage to say.


Why does feedback hurt sometimes?

The Thesis Whisperer

This letter was written by an experienced academic at ANU to her PhD student, who had just presented his research to a review panel and was still licking her wounds.

The student sent it to me and I thought it was a great response I asked the academic in question, and the student who received it, if I could publish it. I wish all of us could have such nuanced and thoughtfu feedback during the PhD. I hope you enjoy it.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 7.27.05 PMA letter to…My PhD student after her upgradeWell you did it. You got your upgrade. But from the look on your face I could tell you thought it was a hollow victory. The professors did their job and put the boot in. I remember seeing that look in the mirror after my own viva. Why does a win in academia always have the sting of defeat?

Yeah, it’s a…

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